Who has the best biscuits and gravy in Tri-Cities?

I wasn't always a biscuits and gravy fan, I know, I know. How un-American of me! Come to find out, I didn't dislike biscuits and gravy, I just had never had GOOD biscuits and gravy! The first time I tried them I was completely stumped as to why on earth they were so extremely popular, all I tasted was a flour paste with a hint of grease. Believe it or not the next few times after that, my experience was exactly the same, therefore I never really had the opportunity to become a biscuits and gravy fan!

Photo by John Cameron on Unsplash
Photo by John Cameron on Unsplash

It wasn't until I tried Mama's, and I don't mean my mom's (sorry Mom, I am sure yours are good, I just don't remember you ever making them), I meant Mama's Diner in Benton City. Not only was her gravy delicious but her giant, fluffy, homemade biscuits changed my life, or at least changed my view about B's and G's!

For the first time in my life, I was at work and craving a plate of biscuits and gravy! But because I had only tried Mama's and I wasn't anywhere near Benton City, I needed help finding a good place near me. So naturally, I turned to Facebook! I asked my friends on my own personal page and on the KORD Facebook page, I asked, "who has the best biscuits and gravy?" Not only did I discover who has some of the best B's &G's around, I discovered places I had never been before. Just Joel's is popular for just about everything they do, but turns out they have some of the most popular B's & G's too! It was a toss-up between Just Joel's and Swampy's BBQ, they both received the most votes and the best compliments. SagePort Grille was also tight in the running for the best, as a matter of fact, Jim said they are the best paired with a Bloody Mary (Oh snap!) and Amendment XXI is said to have "phenomenal Gravy."  More places that made the list were The Original Pancake House, Indulgences, Hills Restaurant & Lounge, The Maple Counter Cafe, CG Public House & Catering, Players Sports Bar & Grill, and of course the place that changed my mind, Mama's Diner.

If you were thinking about having breakfast this weekend and needed a suggestion for the best Biscuits and Gravy, I added the link to each restaurant and they are now just a click away! I hope this helps guide you to a delicious decision, enjoy your B's & G's! Be sure to let me know when we get a food truck that serves biscuits and gravy.


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