The freezing weather is here and it looks like it's staying for a while. However, that shouldn't put a damper on the time you spend with family or friends.

We put together a fun and easy list of things you can do with loved ones while staying inside and out of the freezing cold. Hopefully, you find a few fun things to try or do!

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5.) Throw on a Movie

Share your favorite movies together, find that movie from your past that always made you smile, and share it with that special someone. Whether you're watching it again for the first time in a long time, or you're passing it down to the next generation. It's important to share the things you love most with the people you love most.

4.) Bust out the Board Games

Believe it or not, most families have the times of their life playing games together including board games. Sure some families can't take the heat but it just makes for a better story to share down the road. You don't have to bust out monopoly but maybe cards against humanity, trouble, or even sorry, the easier the game the funner it is for everyone involved.

3.) Play Video Games with the kids

I know it may seem intimidating but some of the best memories I have with my mom and dad is when they wanted to try out a video game I was playing. I didn't care how long it took them to learn the buttons, just the fact they were interested in something I loved meant the world. I wouldn't' trade those memories for anything and neither should you. So bust out a Nintendo switch or any gaming console you have and play together!

2.) A game of Charades

Trust me when I tell you this game is ridiculous but the amount of fun you'll have making a fool of yourself and watching others do the same will become adorable stories you share for the rest of your life. Even try doing it over zoom, let everyone join in on the fun.

1.) Create Homemade meals

The best memories people share are the time they made cookies with grandma or helped mom make a home-cooked meal. Share that with your kiddos or just family and friends, create memories while making your favorite dishes. Teach someone how to cook or just spend time baking together. Not only will you have timeless memories but in the meantime, you'll also warm up the house with the generated heat.

I hope this list gave you some fun ideas to spend time with family inside with all of the cold around us. Avoid getting frostbite and enjoy the company around you.

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