Listen up kids, This is how you DON'T join the service! Thank goodness he didn't quite make it.

According to Pasco PD Facebook page

Kerry E. Brooks 3/3/1993 of Benton City had recently been staying at the Mission in Downtown Pasco. Some time Friday he managed to get into the compound of the National Guard Armory where he found a Military Humvee he was able to get into Brooks was able to get it started but the gate was locked, so what to do. Brooks decided to crash the Humvee through the gate. He then drove the Humvee to Yakima Training Center where he stopped at the gate saying he had taken the vehicle from Pasco and wanted to join the Army. Needless to say Mr. Brooks was not offered place in the Army and is currently under arrest at the Franklin County Corrections Center for Burglary, Auto Theft and Malicious Mischief. Pasco PD case number 18-06325.

stolen hummer