Are you looking for the perfect place to take your outdoor enthusiast? We've found the ideal place for you right on the border of Washington and Idaho.   

My wife is big into the outdoors and here's an Idaho VRBO that you'll have to hike to but it's got the most amazing views of Washington and Idaho that'll blow your mind.

One Of The Coolest Places To Rent In Washington State

The VRBO is called Redemption Rock Tower and it's a modified lookout tower with a total 360-degree magnificent view.

facebook: redemption rock
facebook: redemption rock
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The listing is on VRBO, which means vacation rentals by owner, and this former fire watch lookout tower is amazing.

Can You Stay In The Old Lookout Towers In Idaho and Washington?

It's a hike to get to the property, but this is the place to stay if you want to rough it for the weekend.

The listing says this about the property:

This unique Lookout Tower will sleep 4 and will offer spectacular views and a memorable hiking experience. Located at 4700ft near Redemption Rock in Post Falls Idaho, enjoy views of WA and ID, including Liberty and Coeur D'Alene Lakes.

The tower is solar-powered and in range for all cellular providers. The trailhead, parking, and Tower are located on 950 acres of private property.

This is a dry cabin, equipped with an outdoor propane grill and an indoor wood-burning fireplace. The hiking distance from the trailhead at Redemption Rock Lodge is 3 miles. Be prepared to hike in and out the supplies you will need for your stay.

You are asked to clean before you go. No linens. Hike in your sleeping bags. Propane, large sleeping cots, blow-up Mattresses, and bottled water is provided.

It's an unbelievable VRBO and worth checking out. Let's take a look inside:

You Can Rent This Unbelievable Idaho Lookout VRBO

It's only a few hours away from the Tri-Cities and you could stay in this unbelievable VRBO that has views to die for. If you are a fan of Lake Coeur d'Alene, you'll love this place.

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I know my wife would love the challenge of this property and just think, if you wanted to escape the rat race for the week or weekend, this is the sort of place that no one is going to bother you.

It's a pretty amazing listing from VRBO and it's only a few hours away from the Tri-Cities so it might be worth checking out. You can read more details on this listing here. 

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