Check This Date On Your Washington State Car Registration Or You'll Get A Ticket

So I was coming out of Prosser Washington years ago and got pulled over for speeding but I ended up getting an extra citation that I never expected because I didn't check my registration.

Your WA State Car Registration Needs To Be Checked For One Reason

It was a Sunday morning out on Byron Road and I even knew that there was a little speed trap along the river road but I wasn't paying attention and sure enough, Prosser PD was sitting there and tagged me.

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That speeding ticket was on me. We'd gone into town to grab a few things so I didn't have my wallet but what I got an extra ticket for wasn't my missing driver's license. It had to do with my registration.

By Leadbender - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,
By Leadbender - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,

So here's the deal, the officer claimed that my car tabs were out of date. My car tabs expired in June and it was still June but I soon discovered that the officer was going off the date the registration was issued. He ticketed me for expired tags so I had to go to court and make my plea.

I luckily managed to get the ticket dismissed but learned a lesson that day. The next time you renew your registration, make sure you check the date on your registration because that is your actual expiration date and not just your month tab so you can avoid a ticket.

Just a heads up next time you get pulled over in Washington State.  

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