The old Cafe Blanco performed a few weeks ago for a "reunion" and it was great fun!

The event was held at Casa Vino in Richland. The place was packed! It's been quite awhile since this combination of Cafe Blanco played so everyone came out!

Eddie Manzanares and Cafe Blanco still play around town and are very good. It's a different group now. But It brings back fond memories for me, because Tony & I met when he was in that group and I was lead singer for The SHADES. He'd catch my gigs when he could and I'd go to his. One time, Eddie played a whole set without Tony playing so we could slow dance to all the romantic music!

They all got together to have some fun for this reunion and it was a blast! The group back then was Eddie Manzaneras, Jay Almiguir, Jp Benitz, and Rebecca Rodriquez.(Becca sounds just like Selena)

It was a fun time! Wished I would have gotten video on my phone but I did get a few pics!


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