When were you the MOST HAPPY at your job? What were the reasons you were happy there? Was it where you made the most money?

New research shows that having a good salary was only #3 on the list of reasons people were happy at their job.

Good HOURS was #4 on the list and for me, I'd put that as #2!

Here's how the list played out...if you're curious. I know I was! So here ya go!

#1 reason for people being HAPPY at work was "Getting Along With Co Workers!" Wow huh? I totally agree with that! Makes it fun to come to work if you like and get along with the people you work with!

#2 Feeling Valued (also a big one in my book!)

#3 Having a Good Salary (that would be nice I think! Teeheee)

#4Good HOURS! Okay that one is HUGE for me! And I love my hours! Whoot Whoot!!

#5 Good vacation and benefits (yes, that is nice as well!)

I love my job and I'm super happy with my job! So I have to agree! Salary actually comes last on my list of importance! Geez, I wonder if that is why I've never made much money...hmmm, something to think about! Yikes!

Anyway, now a days...having ANY Job at ALL, is good! So enjoy what you have if you have one! And be nice to your Co-Workers! It makes it sooo important for people to like where they work! I have awesome Co-Workers!

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