What Are Counties With The Most Farmland In Washington State?

When you think of Washington State, it's easy to imagine Seattle with thriving tech industries such as Amazon and Microsoft but as a kid growing up on the east side of the state, agriculture was the main source of work for most folks that I knew.


Discover The Five Counties With The Most Farmlands In The State Of Washington

In fact, Washington State has over 16 million acres of farmland and ranks 8th in the nation in terms of agricultural output.

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So what are some of the counties in Washington State that have the most farmland? I know you might be thinking of Benton and Franklin counties and even Garfield County which has the state's largest FFA chapter.

Here are the top five counties with the most farmland in Washington State thanks to our friends at Stacker.com

Guide: Top 5 Counties With The Most Farmland In Washington State

Discover the five counties with the most farmlands in the state of Washington. 

Agriculture plays a huge part in Washington State and as you can see, the biggest areas of farmland in the state might surprise you as you might think the county you live in has the most farmland.

You can read the entire Stacker.com ranking here.

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