Are you happy with where you live? Imagine if you were trying to figure out your next move AND you found out IF you moved there, you would get paid! You down? I thought so :)

We've got the top seven states that will pay you in some way if you come on down and live there AND Washington State made the cut!


  • 1


    Vermont's Remote Worker Grant Program features 100 people being paid up to $10,000 just for moving to Vermont in 2019!

  • 2

    Tulsa, OK

    Just like Vermont Tulsa has a program called the Tulsa Program and YOU can move there you could end up receive up to $10,000 a year!

    Plus many more discounts just for living there!


  • 3

    Washington State

    Calling everyone with student loans specifically in the health related field. Man Washington state wants you! You could receive up to $75,000 reimbursemnt

  • 4


    Another one for the student loaners! Kansas offers student loan repayments up to $15,000 a year and a five year tax waiver for those that live in the rural opportunity zone. 77 other counties also offer at least one of these incentives.

  • 5

    Niagra Falls New York

    Do you have student loans for days? Niagra Falls, New York wants to lesson your burden by paying $3,492 per year up to $6,984 for two years towards your student loans. There are some rules for this one but gosh if you can figure it out, get it!

  • 6

    Detroit, Michigan

    The program encourages you to take advantage of work opportunities specific to the downtown area, including starting your own business.

  • 7


    Um, I didn't know this, but I'm sure glad I do now!

    With Alaska's Permanent Fund, residents receive roughly $2,000 per year thanks to the state's oil royalties.

    This amount varies each year, but free money is given to residents and their kids. In 2015, that amount was $2,072 a person. For a family of four, that comes out to $8,288.


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