A local coffee company is making a large donation to area veterans. Jessica Snook, manager of Roscoe's Coffee, a division of Treasure Valley Coffee has the details.

Treasure Valley Coffee will present the $11,000 check to the Richland VFW Friday, March 26th at 9:30 am at the company's Richland location. (2009 Logston Boulevard)

Snook said Treasure Valley Coffee sold over two-million cups of coffee over the last year to raise the funds.

All of the proceeds will go to benefit the Richland VFW, which provides resources and services to local veterans. The VFW provides many services to local vets, including assistance with housing, bills, and other necessary services.

Snook said the family-operated company wants to give back to the local community, and felt the Richland VFW was a perfect match.

Credit: Richland VFW Facebook Page.
Credit: Richland VFW Facebook Page.

According to the Treasure Valley Coffee website,

John and Susan Roskelley started the business in August 1997 after leaving the stresses of the corporate world.  Of course, it did take a quintuple by-pass surgery after a massive heart attack and stroke all at the age of 48 to convince John and Susan to pull the trigger.

They both wanted to supply customers with a combination of things that they have never experienced with another company.  Those things were high-quality products at competitive prices backed by a service level that is above the expectations of everyone.  Treasure Valley Coffee now is writing the book on service.  From PERFECTING our cleaning service to developing identities and brands for our customers, Treasure Valley Coffee is about more than just coffee, we are a partner and innovator with our customers.

Roscoe's Coffee is now open at from 4 am to 6 pm Monday through Friday and Saturday from 6 am through 4 pm, closed on Sunday. Roscoe's is located at 2003 Logston Boulevard, just off Route 240 in Richland.


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