Here we go Tri-Citians! Are you ready for some HOT weather? According to the National Weather Service in Pendleton, we're going to get hit in Washington and Oregon with some HEAT! Temperatures are expected t be 10-15 degrees above normal.

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What's next? Temperatures will steadily climb through the weekend and early next week with highs 10-15 degrees above average. Meanwhile, fire weather issues will be possible into the weekend due to breezy and dry conditions.

Moving forward into Monday and Tuesday, we can expect some afternoon and evening thunderstorms in the northeast mountains and over central Oregon.

Naturally, we have to ask, How do you beat the heat? Of course, we have the answer!

7 Ways to Beat the Tri-Cities Heat

5 Sure ways to keep cool in the HOT Tri-Cities Summer.

What's your favorite summer activity? Hubby and I cannot wait to take our little pop-up camper out to explore Washington and Oregon.

Patti Banner
Patti Banner

We've lived in the Tri-Cities since 2014 and haven't camped ANYWHERE! Oh, wait. There was that one time in the Gorge when we took our tent and camped out to see Tom Petty in concert. (RIP) That was an awesome time.

Samir Hussein
Samir Hussein

Do you have any camping areas to suggest? We're huge fans of just getting away for an overnight trip. Your suggestions are welcome. Also, if you have a favorite beach to mention, please share. We're also huge fans of flea markets, festivals, and the like.

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