It's almost time for the holidays and as we get closer to Thanksgiving, several Tri-Cities retailers are opting to be closed on Thanksgiving. 

Why Won't Tri-Cities Retailers Be Open On Thanksgiving?

There was a trend for a while to open the flood gates to shopping right after Thanksgiving dinner but it looks like several major retailers in the Tri-Cities won't be following that trend this year.

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How Many Retailers Are Closed On Thanksgiving Day In The Tri-Cities?

13 major Tri-Cities retailers won't be open on Thanksgiving, allowing employees to spend the holiday with their families. Here are the 13 stores that won't be open on Thanksgiving.

13 Tri-Cities Retailers That Won't Be Open On Thanksgiving

13 Tri-Cities retailers that won't be open this Thanksgiving

It was surprising to see Walmart close on Thanksgiving but it'll be their second year in a row being closed on Thanksgiving.

Why Are The Tri-Cities Walmart's Closed On Thanksgiving?

Walmart released a statement saying that the closures are a "thank you" to its employees.

Target issued a statement back in January that they would be closed on Thanksgiving.

If and when we get more Thanksgiving closures, we'll be adding them to our list.

You read more about Thanksgiving closures here.

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