It's going to be close but it looks like the Tri-Cities might break the warmest temperature ever recorded on December 1st. 

Will Tri-Cities Break The Daily High-Temperature Set Back In 1941?

The wind is bringing the warm air but will it be enough to break our record all-time high tomorrow on December 1st?

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Wind gusts could get as fast as 29 MPH in the Tri-Cities over the next day or so and that'll make it possible for us to break our all-time temperature if the wind continues to blow hard through the region.

What's The Highest Daily Temperature Ever Recorded In Tri-Cities Washington?

According to the Northwest Weather Service out of Pendleton, Tri-Cities will be mostly cloudy tomorrow with winds of about 20 MPH.

Our normal temperatures are usually in the mid-50's but it looks like tomorrow we might be getting a record high.

According to charts from the Northwest Weather Service, the record is 66 degrees set in 1941.

NWS currently has our high for tomorrow at 66 which means if the winds kick up a bit more, we could see as high as 68 tomorrow.

Can Tri-Cities Beat The Highest December Temp Ever Recorded?

I'm not sure if we'll get there but it's going to be close.

For those who aren't missing the snow, the lowest daily temperature was 17 back in 1985.

It's been a while since it's been this warm in the Tri-Cities but it looks like we might be looking at a new record coming our way. You can check out more weather stats about the Tri-Cities here.

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