I think most years I cook a turkey. I think if I remember correctly I ruined a prime rib once because my meat thermometer was broken. I usually do a spiral ham for Christmas so I resort to a turkey each thanksgiving. I like the left over turkey sandwiches and it's pretty hard to mess up a turkey!

I've cooked it many ways, the long slow way. the 2 hour turkey method (which by the way really works and turns out great) And I've even deep fried my turkey before and caught the front porch deck on fire!  Oh yes, it's often an adventure when I get excited about cooking!

I bought a new thermometer so I'm considering a prime rib this year, but may do a turkey!

What are you doing? I'm just nosey..that's all! Post your reply, comments, suggestions etc! Thanks~Faith Oh and...HAPPY THANKSGIVING! If I don't see you around then. :)

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