It won't be a Merry Christmas for an attempted big-screen TV robbery at the Pasco Wal-Mart on Road 68.

Pasco Police arrested John Lee Hodge, DOB 052764 of Yakima, on Friday morning at about 9:25 AM for the shoplifting of a 65” flatscreen TV from the Pasco Walmart.
He was booked into Franklin County Jail on an investigative hold for Burglary Second Degree because he had reportedly already been trespassed from all Walmarts.
credit: pasco police department
credit: pasco police department
Pasco Police posted information about the arrest on their Facebook page:
Loss Prevention reported that two people loaded the TV into a cart and pushed it past all check stands on their way out. When confronted, the male in a high-viz windbreaker ran from parking lot to parking lot in the area to avoid pursuers.
Sharp-eyed officers located Hodge in the Discount Tire lot near the dumpster, hiding behind a pallet. He was arrested without incident.
Meanwhile, Loss Prevention had recovered the TV and had seen the second suspect get into a white SUV and drive to the Lowe’s parking lot.
More sharp-eyed officers went there and confronted the driver and a passenger. A little investigation with Loss Prevention and the driver was arrested for Shoplift. (The driver had NOT been previously trespassed from all Walmarts, as far as we know, so no felony.)
The passenger left, but after a search warrant on the SUV, the passenger may face charges for drug paraphernalia found inside.
Anyone with info about this case is urged to call Dispatch at (509)628-0333 or email Officer Jeremy Wakeman at about case 20-35634 Burglary.
Hodge's will face more charges as he already wasn't allowed to be on Wal-Mart's property after previous convictions of trespassing and will face new charges for trespassing on their property.
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