The Umatilla County Sheriff's Department can now just about climb trees, or at least terrain not accessible for most traditional rigs.

Thanks to a $48,000-plus grant from the Department of Homeland Security, the Department now has this six person Polaris Ranger Crew Side by Side.

It was delivered to Umatilla County July 15th.  This model, called the HVAC Edition, can be fitted with either wheels or tank tracks depending upon conditions. The Department plans to use it for a wide range of duties. Knowing how bad roads get in Eastern Oregon every winter, it will be a welcome addition.

This model is mostly only utilized by law enforcement or other security outfits. It comes with a lot of features not found on civilian models.

Even if roads are closed, this vehicle will still be able to drive just about anywhere, and it's big enough it can transport stranded injured people. Once crews are done training on it, the unit will be put into service immediately.

Sorry citizens, no joyrides will be given! :)

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