A Richland city council member wants a "Hope Solo Day" -- hopefully with her in attendance. Others are uncomfortable because some of her behavior is less than ideal from a role model. How should Richland honor its world-champion daughter?

I think she definitely deserves a day. She's a superstar on a team that's won two gold Olympic medals, a silver World Cup and a gold World Cup. She's one of the most successful and most popular athletes in the world right now. Along with Ronda Rousey she's easily the most popular female athlete.

Is she a role model? She's fought with her coaches, fought with her teammates, fought with her husband and fought with family. I don't think a male athlete would have a good reputation after that either.

But does it matter? She may be the most successful athlete ever born in Tri-Cities -- maybe Washington state. She deserves our community's adulations.

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