Don't you just love having colorful birds in your yard? I do! I'm a huge fan of feeding the birds! I didn't realize though, the work and the mess.

I love the company and so do my cats! I have two, cats. Koko & Peaches absolutely LOVE watching the birds! This is my lady Koko. She can't get enough!


These birds, though! It's like they can't get enough. I fill the bird feeder every day. When I get home, it's empty. Every. Single. Day.


I never realized though, what a mess it would be. I live in a condominium neighborhood, so, I don't take care of the lawn. Imagine my surprise, when I realized, just how finicky these birds can be. I was warned by a co-worker, that there would indeed be a pile. I never expected this, though! Yuck! If I was the groundskeeping crew, I'd be angered. So far, they haven't said anything. Yet. I wonder, though, if I should pick it up? Can you re-use it? I have questions!


And, it's an ordeal.

How do you fill your bird feeders? What's the secret? There has to be an easier way. I will say, though, that when all is said and done, I DO enjoy watching the birds come to visit. We get such JOY from watching these wonderful creatures.

In the end...I'll take this gal's smile. I've done my job.


And, the birds are fed. Clean up in Richland Aisle 6!

Check out Big Peach chattin' up her friends!

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