If you decided to buy a home in a new development in an old run-down neighborhood, would you be OK if the city then built a homeless camp nearby? That's what 25 homeowners are facing in Walla Walla.

ON THE ONE HAND, these people invested money in the neighborhood trusting the city would make it better, now congregate homeless people nearby.

ON THE OTHER HAND, the people moved in to a troubled neighborhood, and now that the city is trying to make it better, these people are being "NIMBY" (not in my backyard).

ON THE OTHER HAND, the proposed homeless camp is just across the street from the development.

ON THE OTHER HAND, the street is big, and the camp will be separated by landscaping and a fence.

ON THE OTHER HAND, homeless camps attract drug deals and other illegal activity. You don't want that 100 yards from your house.

ON THE OTHER HAND, how can you end homelessness unless you give people homes. They have to go somewhere, right?