Was Bill Murray Spotted In Yakima?

The current "Ant-Man" movie star Bill Murray loves Yakima and Thai food as the celeb was recently spotted enjoying some food in the "Palm Springs of Washington".

Bangkok_OMG Thai Kitchen
Bangkok_OMG Thai Kitchen

Murray Was Spotted Grabbing A Bite To Eat In Yakima

We did an article a few years back about Bill Murray who seems to have an affinity for Yakima and its Thai food restaurants as one Yakima cook had flown to Palm Springs to cook for the celebrity.

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It seems Mr. Murray decided to make the trip this time to Yakima and was spotted and photographed by some avid fans.

Bill was spotted enjoying his dinner at Bangkok OMG Thai restaurant located at 1901 1st street in Yakima.

Bangkok_OMG Thai Kitchen
Bangkok_OMG Thai Kitchen

Bill Murray is known for iconic roles in comedies like Caddyshack and Ghostbusters, there's no denying that Murray has been spreading smiles for decades.

But he's also known for the whimsical unexpected encounters he has with fans on the street and it looks like some folks in Yakima got to enjoy an unexpected sighting of the actor.

Seeing Bill Murray out in the wild reminds us that even celebrities have to eat so why not grab some grub in Yakima?

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