Washington's most stunning hike and swim are in the northern part of the state.


Diablo Lake is a reservoir in the north Cascades that was created by the Diablo Dam. According to Wikipedia:

The lake holds rainbowcoastal cutthroatbrook, and the federally threatened bull trout. It is a popular recreational spot for kayakers and canoeists. The unique, intense turquoise hue of the lake's water is attributed to the surrounding glaciers that grind rocks into a fine powder that is carried into the lake through creeks. That fine powder, also called glacial flour, stays suspended in the lake, giving the water its brilliant color.

Known for its crystal blue water, Diablo Lake is a paradise worth the drive from Tri-Cities. It's a favorite spot for kayakers and canoeists.

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The Diablo Lake Trail was designated a National Recreation Trail in 1981.

The Diablo Lake Trail is an excellent choice year-round, but it's a particularly good option for an early season hike in the stunning North Cascades National Park, much of which is inaccessible during the winter and spring.

Washington is home to some of the best-kept secrets of the world. On Tik Tok, user heidi.rai shares uniquely beautiful places in our state.

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There is no entry fee. Hiking the Diablo Lake Trail is FREE.

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