A new bill was proposed in the Washington State Senate to lower the blood alcohol Content for DUI to .05%.

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The new bill SB 5002 was proposed to Washington lawmakers on Friday by Senator John Lovick of Mill Creek.

Sen. John Lovick-Facebook
Sen. John Lovick-Facebook

The bill aims to make Washington roads safer by lowering the blood alcohol content baseline from .08% to .05%. Across the nation, the legal limit is .08%. If you're BAC is above this level, you are considered to be intoxicated in every state

What happens if you're convicted of DUI in Washington?

You could be booked into jail or released. A first-time DUI in Washington will have a license suspension for a minimum of 90 days up to 2 years. You could face a fine of up to $5,000.

From Senator Lovick's Facebook page:

Senator Lovick is a former Snohomish County Sheriff.

He started as a state trooper over 40 years ago. Lovick was named Trooper of the Year in 1992. He also spent 13 years serving with the United States Coast Guard.

Lovick is responsible for making Pickleball the Official State Sport of Washington.

State Sen. John Lovick-Facebook
State Sen. John Lovick-Facebook

Governor Jay Inslee signed Bill 5615 declaring Pickleball the official state sport on March 28th, 2002.

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