Can You Name The #1 Party School In Washington State?

The school year has started and college students are headed back to class. You might be surprised that some incoming students might've picked their school totally based on the party atmosphere. 

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Remember when Lori Loughlin's daughter Olivia Jade said in a video that all she cared about was the "college partying" experience and really didn't have any desire to learn while she was attending college?

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Which College Ranks #1 In Washington State For Partying?

Some students might pick a school based on partying and I think you'll not be surprised when you learn the #1 partying school isn't considered the #1 school in Washington State when it comes to getting a good education.

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According to which ranks Washington State colleges from best value, best student life, and #1 overall college, they rank the University Of Washington as the #1 best overall Washington college according to reviews.

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I'm sure you've already guessed who's ranked #1 at partying in Washington State and that honor of course belongs to Washington State University.

Why Does Washington State University Rank #1 At Partying?

As a native of the area, I can attest that being in the middle of nowhere in Pullman Washington makes total sense because you don't have many entertainment options.

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What's interesting is that the best education belongs to U of W but WSU comes in second.

Our two largest universities each go back and forth on which means choosing between the two really is a matter of opinion and either one would be a fine place to attend.

If partying is your #1 goal, I'm sure you already knew that Washington State University would be in the top spot.

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