Top Complainers: Are Washingtonians the Champions of Griping?

If you spend any time scrolling your social media feeds, you'll see people complaining about politics, religion, and even their drive-thru orders that got messed up.

What Are The #1 Complaints Of Washington State Residents?

We've even created websites like Yelp and Google reviews for people to get behind their keyboards and gripe.

It's become the norm but my foster mom always said that if you didn't have anything nice to say, to keep it to yourself.

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Times have changed so have Washington State residents become some of the biggest complainers in the country?

You'd be surprised by a new survey that ranks all the states and who the top complainers are in each state.


Preply conducted a survey of 2,000 Americans to explore their biggest grievances and their perspectives on our culture of complaining.

The study found that residents of Mississippi, Alabama, and Nevada are the most frequent complainers in the nation.

In contrast, people in Georgia, Oregon, and Connecticut are the least likely to voice complaints.

In 2024, the top complaints among Americans are the high cost of living, poor driving, and the quality of products and services.

One-third of Americans report having ended relationships due to excessive complaining.

Additionally, 64% believe that complaining negatively impacts their mental health, and 35% admit to complaining at least once a day.


So where did Washington State stack in the complaint department?

It might surprise you to discover that Washington ranked 12th as the least complaining state.

I know, I was shocked to discover that as much as you think Washingtonians complain, other states seem to complain a lot more.

You can check out the complete survey here.

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