Washington State Patrol will be conducting Water Follies Emphasis Patrols. It's the biggest weekend the Tri-Cities plays host to, and especially after last year's pandemic, people are determined to have a really great time. If you plan to party, plan to hire an uber or make arrangements to have a designated driver in your crew. Don't make a deadly mistake.

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Troopers are out in extra force from Friday through Sunday. According to a media release, Troopers are focusing on:

speeding, DUI, aggressive driving, distracted driving and seat belt compliance.
Our primary goal is to reduce serious injury and fatality collisions. We want this Water Follies weekend to be a
safe and enjoyable event for everyone in the Tri-Cities. We are asking people to not drink and drive, arrange
for a designated driver, always wear their seat belts, and to drive at safe and legal speeds.


Troopers from all over will be working in the Tri-Cities over the weekend. Kennewick, Yakima, Grandview, and Walla Walla will be looking for impaired and/or distracted drivers.

Additional troopers are necessary due to the influx of thousands of spectators during the
weekend and the congestion issues that generally surround the area of Columbia Park.
The Washington State Patrol will be utilizing aircraft and unmarked patrol cars to conduct emphasis patrols on
Interstate 82, State Route 240, and State Route 395 throughout the weekend. Additional emphasis patrols will
be conducted throughout the weekend event to prevent collisions and promote a safe driving environment for

Be safe. Plan ahead. Obey the law.

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