Our friends at Pet OverPopulation Prevention are in need of your help. It's a very different kind of Wet Nose Wednesday this week as little George the kitten needs life-saving surgery.

George is an 11-week old kitten. George is a kitten that POPP just had at the WSU Veterinary Hospital last Friday for an EKG due to an enlarged heart.

The results of the tests indicated that George needs surgery as soon as possible to correct a congenital defect in his heart and without this surgery, George's life span is unknown.

The Resident Veterinarian at WSU said that George will be an adoptable pet who can live a long, happy life after the surgery with a little medication and regular checkups.

The estimated cost for the surgery is $4,500 to $5,000. POPP is asking for help.

They've already raised close to $2,500 for his surgery but still have a way to go and

Please help POPP help George have a chance, any amount is so appreciated. You can make a donation here and let's give George the kitten a fighting chance.

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