It's another Wet Nose Wednesday and we've got a sweet girl up for adoption from our friends at Pet Overpopulation Prevention.

Her name is Ella, she's a nine-year-old calico short-haired cat.

Ella is a lovely girl who is in need of a quieter home than where she currently lives as the excitement of young children is just too stressful for her. Before children came into the picture, Ella was bonded to the adult male in her current home. She has happily lived with a golden retriever but may do best where she is the only pet in a loving, calm home without young children.

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Her current pet parents have agonized over the decision to rehome Ella and just want her to have the happy life that she deserves. Ella is approximately 9 years old and is in great health.

She would love to share a lap and love with you. Ella has been spayed, vaccinated, and microchipped.

Her adoption fee is $75 and includes a complimentary vet exam, coupons from PetSmart, and a gift bag from POPP.

If you're interested in giving Ella a home, please complete the POPP adoption questionnaire:

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