In their own unique way, the Pasco Police Department has gained a lot of attention for their Facebook posts. Funny, witty, hard-hitting etc.

This one's no different.

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Sometime between Wednesday 5PM and Thursday 9AM last week, somebody using a pry bar broke open the locked storage room at the Tri City Youth Soccer Association storage building on Burden Boulevard in Pasco; next to GESA Stadium. It appears they did significant damage to the door. Police didn't elaborate how much inventory or possibly money was taken, but posted this on their Facebook page:

"MISSED CONNECTIONS: You are an unsuccessful burglar, equipped with a large prybar and a burning desire to steal candy from children. Specifically, to steal concession stand inventory from the locked storage room of the Tri-City Youth Soccer Association near the Gesa Stadium on Burden. We are the defenders of children, and we would like to meet with you and discuss the mangled door you left still standing. We will meet you anytime; sorry we missed you there from Weds 5 PM to Thurs 9 AM last week.
Call Dispatch at (509)628-0333 or email Officer Raul Cavazos at about case 21-11172 Burglary."
  There's a special place for these kind of burglars, who steals from kids and a youth sports program? If they catch the perp, they should make them stand in front of the goal and let the kids blast away at them with penalty kicks.  Seems fair!
  Anyone with any information is urged to call in. All leads can be confidential.

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