Bedford Bridge is a beautiful walkway over the Umatilla River that allows access from the high school to downtown Pendleton and baseball/softball fields. Before and after school and during lunch kids are hanging out there and that's causing police and administrators a huge headache.
The city council is debating the issue because the bridge is popular for criminal activity since drugs and weapons can be dropped into the water if cops or principals show up. Fights have been known to happen there. Occasionally police and administrators plan raids and block off both sides before confronting the kids, but each time they do any contraband is already gone.

A school survey revealed students find it a dangerous place.

Would it be overreacting to close the bridge during school hours? That might not even be possible since people need to get home and to the ball fields.
Hiring security or installing cameras would be too expensive.
Maybe they should do "21 Jump Street" and hire some student narcs.

What do you think the city council should do?

[Source: East Oregonian]