If you've eaten a tamale you already know but have you ever heard the story of the white girl on 1st street?

Back about five years ago I was working with this incredible lady who we will call Carey J. She had just moved to town from Oregon to work in Yakima and got a little lost on 1st street her first day in town.

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Confused at her whereabouts she called her new boss and as she's on the phone, a wonderful little lady inside a white van opens the slider and waves her over. With a smile, she proudly shows off rows and rows of steaming tamales. Fresh made and ready to eat! "Would you like some my dear?"

Having never experienced something like this she doesn't want to be rude but for the double-check asks her boss on the phone. "Should I be worried a stranger is offering me tamales out of a van in this random parking lot?" Her boss replied, "ooh you better grab a bunch because those are the best kind."

Carey complies and purchases a few, makes it to the office, and sits at her desk to eat her very first tamale. She's confused because they're pretty hard to eat. Whatever they are wrapped in is kind of tough to chew on but she's going for it. My dear friend was eating THE ENTIRE TAMALE, husk and all! With no proper training, she had no idea you need to unwrap them to get to the delicious center. She ended up squeezing it into her mouth like toothpaste and threw the rest out! Before you judge, help out your friends who might have never experienced this delicacy before. She was offered more tamales a few days later and politely declined, eating more husks wasn't really her jam. It took a few years before she was willing to try again, and now gets the hype but at that time she was very confused and slightly traumatized.

I messaged her to make sure it was ok to share her adventure and this was her response, "Is this about all the times I got arrested for shoplifting in Yakima and that's really why I had to move?" No Carey J it is not, those stories will be saved for another time! ;)

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