Schools obviously pick the mascot that seems the most intimidating. Who do you think has the best one? Here are my thoughts about the pros and cons of each (tongue in cheek).

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    Hanford High School

    The Falcons

    Pros: A Hanford Falcon is fast, strong, and valiant.

    Cons: They're distracted by shiny things.

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    Richland High School

    The Bombers

    Pros: A Bomber is a symbol of our area's history and heritage.

    Cons: People outside Tri-Cities thinks it's weird.

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    Chiawana High School

    The RiverHawks

    Pros: Such elegant creatures.

    Cons: I've never seen one.

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    Kamiakin High School

    The Braves

    Pros: Kamiakin Braves honor a legendary leader and his famed warriors.

    Cons: Every year people try to change the mascot.

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    Pasco High School

    The Bulldogs

    Pros: They're fierce and loyal.

    Cons: They can only run to the end of their chain and bark.

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    Southridge High School

    The Suns

    Pros: Inspiring, poetic, politically correct, and universally adored.

    Cons: They have to put someone in a gorilla suit for sporting events.

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    Kennewick High School


    Pros: King of the Jungle.

    Cons: They call THEMSELVES ugly.

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