The 2016-17 School year has had the most snow days and delays that I can ever Just when will our kids be released for summer break? How about our graduating seniors?  Here's what I found out....

According to Steve Aagaard from the Richland school district:

Originally, graduation was set for June 2nd and the last day of school for June 9th, but now the last day is set for June 19th and graduation day has still not been determined, and it may not be for a while. Both of these important days will continuously be subject to change based on the weather as well as regulations from the state.

"There's a waiver process with the state," said Aagaard. "You can appeal to the state to have some of the days not made up, but we're going to wait on that probably because you have to see how many total closures you're going to have, and we're only in mid-January right now."

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