Can You Name Seven Roundabouts To Avoid In Tri-Cities Washington?

When it comes to driving, roundabouts can be a source of frustration for many here in the Tri-Cities.


These Seven Roundabouts Are Worth Avoiding In Tri-Cities Washington?

Drivers often get confused over the proper etiquette after having to wait through multiple rotations before being able to move in the direction they’d like.

Roundabouts can make us late and cause us much stress and at times are the bane of our existence but they do serve a purpose.

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We posted on our Facebook page and asked you what roundabouts in the Tri-Cities drive you crazy and here's the list of seven you might want to avoid if you don't want to even mess with a roundabout.

7 Roundabouts that drive Tri-Cities drivers crazy

Here are seven roundabouts that you'll want to avoid in Tri-Cities Washington

Despite all of the frustrations associated with them, roundabouts offer several benefits that make up for these occasional moments of challenge. The most notable benefit is safety – studies have shown that they reduce traffic fatalities by up to 90%.

This is due to their decreased speed limits and their ability to keep traffic flowing instead of stopping completely as intersections do.

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Additionally, they are more energy efficient than traditional junctions as cars do not need to come to a complete stop and then accelerate again after passing through them.

Finally, they also create less noise pollution than traditional junctions since there are no revving engines waiting at stop lights and fewer instances of car horns honking from impatient drivers stuck in traffic jams.

Roundabouts do serve a purpose but it's still not going to change our grumpiness when we are stuck behind a driver that can't seem to navigate a roundabout here in the Tri-Cities.

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