There are good and bad traits to describe every town, everywhere.

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It's all in how you look at it, I guess. I googled the safest, most dangerous, and best cities to raise a family in Washington State. As far as the best small towns, I saw the following listed:

Walla Walla

It seems there's a list for every element of whatever is popular or unpopular in every area of the country. We read about the safest. Which towns are the best to raise a family? Which towns are the most dangerous? There's a list to describe the good and bad towns and cities in every state, in every country. Which cities worldwide, have the best coffee?

The worst towns in Washington State, according to include:

Union Gap


Of course, more are listed. But like everything, there are so many aspects to these lists. Toppenish is home to a rather large casino, which, in my opinion, brings fabulous entertainment to the area, and of course, JOBS. There are a lot of fun things to do in Toppenish.

There is no one worst town in Washington.

As far as why we live where we do? For some, it's about family. For some, it's about a job. For some, it's about affordability. For most of us, it's about all of these things.

I recently came upon an article describing what you would miss when moving away from the Tri-Cities. I laughed when I heard our area described as the "Dry-Sh**tties." I've lived in a lot of towns over the years and some I've lived in more than once, Tri Cities, included. It's my hope to stay in the beautiful Tri-Cities.

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