We've all proven to Starbucks that we'll spend $4 on a cup of coffee. So it's only natural for them to keep pushing to see how high we'll go. Is there a limit? This could test it.Starbucks just released their most expensive cup of coffee yet. it's called the Costa Rican Finca Palmilera, and it's made from a rare coffee bean called Geisha. They're selling it for $6 for a Tall and $7 for a Grande. Seven bucks!

Before this the most expensive coffee was $4.50

For now, they're only selling this at some stores in Oregon and Washington, but they're planning to take it nationwide early next year.

Apparently, coffee nerds...I guess there's such a thing? say it's totally worth it.

What do you think? Will you pay $7 for a cup of Joe?