Labor Day is the unofficial ending of summer & travel will be hectic at times.

In fact, Inrix predicts a 41% increase in traffic delays nationwide.

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I-90 will be more congested than normal, with everyone returning home after the weekend. The heaviest traffic volume will be westbound on I-90 Monday afternoon. WSDOT advises motorists to plan for extra travel time. It's also beneficial to keep snacks and water in your vehicle. Have a full tank of gas and a phone charger. It's good to check traffic conditions, here.

Labor Day Weekend is one of the busiest for camping.


Washington State Parks recommend that you make reservations. You can call the Washington State Parks reservation hotline at 888-226-7688. Remember, wood and charcoal campfires aren't allowed due to fire danger.


Propane and gas camping stoves are allowed.

WSP Trooper Chris Thorson has a message for traveling motorists:


Great advice. Pack your patience. The speed limit in Washington for towing trailers, speedboats, and ATVs is 60 mph. Good to know. Stay safe.

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