An itty bitty window box of sight, just above the defrost-in-progress, is not enough to roll down the road. Too many drivers on the road with iced-up windows will cause accidents when merging and you will be cited before that happens if noticed by law enforcement.

WSP reminds you, all of your windows are used when you drive, so they all must be properly scraped for you to be on the road.

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The forecast lows for the next week are for well below freezing, so if your ride is spending any overnight time outside, be prepared to scrape, It just takes an extra few moments, will keep you out of a ticket, but most importantly, it's the law and it's there to keep everyone safe.

If snow, go slow!

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Plus with the advent of freezing fog already inserted into the season's driving mix, extra caution in the roundabouts, clover leafs and ramps to get to the bridges is a good idea, too.

Careful out there!