A Yakima County Sheriff's K-9 Unit was struck by a semi-truck during a motorcycle accident on I-82 on Thursday morning.

The Yakima County Sheriff's Department posted the photos of the accident on their Facebook page and luckily no one was hurt.

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The K-9 Unit stopped for a motorcycle accident and then was struck by a truck that didn't move over into the left lane.

K9 Simcoe was uninjured in the accident but the truck driver should've been paying attention.

Here is the statement from the Sheriff's Office concerning the accident:

MOVE OVER! Early this morning, one of our Deputy’s patrol car and K9 Simcoe, were struck by a semi-truck on I-82 at the scene of a serious injury motorcycle collision. Luckily, nobody (Including K9 Simcoe) was injured. Please remember to move to the opposite lane when you see emergency vehicles!

Happy to report no injuries but again the law in Washington State requires all motor vehicles to move over to the opposite lane when you see an emergency vehicle.

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