Yakima Police are looking for three people who recently robbed a female victim at a grocery store.  The women in the photographs took the woman's wallet after asking her for assistance to reach an item on a high shelf.

As the victim helped one woman get the item, the other woman took the victim's wallet from the grocery cart.

After the thieves got the wallet, they left the grocery store and shopped at other stores spending on the woman's credit cards.

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The man who was with the two women, accompanied them to other stores where they spent with the woman's credit cards.

Credit: Yakima Police Department Facebook Page.
Credit: Yakima Police Department Facebook Page.

If you can identify any of the photographed suspects, please contact the Yakima Police Department at 509-576-6795.

The trio took off in this vehicle.

Nielsen, Angela
Nielsen, Angela

I guess it's just one more thing we need to be aware of. Watch over your handbags and belongings at the grocery store or department store. When someone asks for your assistance, grab your handbag, and assist. Or, decline to assist the person.

These thieves need to be apprehended. The victim has worked hard for her money and to have people take advantage of her kindness is shameful. I can't imagine getting to the checkout and discovering that my wallet is missing. Where is it? Was it dropped in the store?

And, then, to discover that the wallet was actually stolen. Unbelievable! Thank goodness we have security cameras. The next step is to identify these thieves so Police can have a much-needed meeting with them.

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