Life is so random and wonderful! Last year my friend Aimee stepped into the studio and asked if I would record some liners for her. Things like, "OMG! Look at those bucks!" :)

Fast forward to this week when Snoqualmie Casino unveiled the first Washington state Sir Mix-A-Lot I Like Big Bucks Slot Machine and OMG, guess who the voice of Becky is? Fricken' Aimee Yoerger! :)

Townsquare Media/Sarah J
Townsquare Media/Sarah J

Congratulations to Sir Mix-A-Lot for creating such an iconic song and if you can believe it, "Baby Got Back" is celebrating its 25th anniversary! Watching young and old players sing along to the lyrics was awesome.

Sorry for screeching every time Aimee's voice comes on in the video above. No one over there cared, but just wait, because I hear there could be an I Like Big Bucks slot machine coming to a city near you!

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