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Simple Ways To Keep Your Kids Safe Online
The Internet is a powerful tool that informs, educates, and allows us to communicate. However, unmonitored Internet usage can present dangers to our children. Here are some tips for keeping your kids safe online.
Announcing NEW Remee Mask
There is a new mask that allows you to control your dreams. You read that right!
The Remee mask let's you steer your dreams where you want them to go while you are in REM sleep. The mask detects when you're in a deep sleep, and flashes a few faint red lights in a specific sequence…
Shocking Social Media Punishment
Last week ReShonda Tate Billingsley caught her 12 year old daughter postaing a naughty photo. In the photo her 12 year old  was holding a bottle of Vodka, with a caption that said "I sure wish I could drink this."
As a punishment ReShonda had her daughter post a …
A Woman’s Place In The World
I read an article in the National Post this morning and I thought is was interesting! It has to do with women and how we rank around the world in education,politics,life expectancy ect..
New Study on Vanity
Even though I have every right to be, I'm not vain.  I pride myself in my humility, a trait that very few DJ's posses.
Stacy Lee is an excellent example of a vain DJ. I'm pretty sure the only time she doesn't look in the mirror is when she's backing into a parking place.…
Obi-Wan Kenobi Hit and Run
In 1999 Benjamin Cale Feit legally changed his name to Obi-Wan Kenobi as part of a 1999 radio contest, which offered $1000 to anyone who would legally make the change. Little did he know that this name change would spur world wide interest 13 years later...
How to Keep People from Defriending you on Facebook
You may have heard our morning show discussion regarding Facebook. If you want to be up on proper social networking etiquette - stay tuned!
Arizona State Researchers have come out with scientifically-proven rules to win friends and not loose friends on Facebook.
Best New App “Ugly Meter”
If you're a masochist find out just how ugly you really are for only 99 cents!
The Ugly Meter App can be found in IPhone and Android stores. The app scans your face and analyzes the data for symmetry, proportions, and overall bone structure...

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