Big Jim

Tri-Cities Puppy Plays at Dog Park for the Very First Time! [VIDEO]
Duke is a rambunctious puppy who's almost six months old. He's a red heeler and needs lots of exercise so I took him to the dog park. He's been an inside dog thus far (he had a bad case of parvo as a newborn) so he lacks social skills. Watch him play with other dogs for the first time…
I Had a Victory This Morning, But No One Will Understand
I belong to a social media site for radio DJs only. We share ideas with each other so we're always making our morning shows better. This site offers a prize for the best idea of the week, and I'm probably going to win that prize. This is how:
Father’s Day Golf
A recent survey asked Fathers what one person, past or present, they'd most like to play golf with on Father's Day.
The answer was ...
anyone but their wives!
Announcing NEW Remee Mask
There is a new mask that allows you to control your dreams. You read that right!
The Remee mask let's you steer your dreams where you want them to go while you are in REM sleep. The mask detects when you're in a deep sleep, and flashes a few faint red lights in a specific sequence…
Shocking Social Media Punishment
Last week ReShonda Tate Billingsley caught her 12 year old daughter postaing a naughty photo. In the photo her 12 year old  was holding a bottle of Vodka, with a caption that said "I sure wish I could drink this."
As a punishment ReShonda had her daughter post a …
Five Smart Ways to Spend Your Tax Refund
Hopefully by now your taxes are filed. I recently sent mine off and I  must admidt I cried a silent tear as I wrote my check to good old "Uncle Sam". If you're one of those receiving a tax refund, consider yourself lucky. It may be tempting to blow your refund at the…