Perfect Attendance For 13 years!
Did you hear about Cetraro, of Kailua-Kona, Hawaii? This young lady hasn’t missed a day of school since kindergarten and plans to graduate May 19 with perfect attendance.
Pretty impressive huh? I think so...
Have You Ever Done This? Confession Time!!
The other night, we (Tony & I) went to dinner and then decided to see a movie afterwards.
We apparently didn't time it very well...because when we got to Fairhild Cinnemas in Pasco, there were no more movies playing! Except one and we'd already seen it!
Reincarnation…Do You Believe In It?
I read today that Lady Gaga believes she is a reincarnation of her aunt.  Those kinds of thoughts are always fascinating to me. I wonder sometimes if that could be true...
I am a pretty "spiritual" person and there are certain things I feel very SURE about. But, there is plenty…