Stop At These 10 Yummy Places For Food From Tri-Cities To Seattle

If you've made the road trip from Tri-Cities to Seattle and back again, I'm sure you're always looking for an excellent place to eat.

Beautiful young lady eating a tasty burger at an outdoor cafe. Horizontal Shot.

Here Are 10 Of The Best Burger Places In Washington State For A Road Trip

As you travel down the I-82 and I-90 corridors, your tummy growls and you are one hungry driver. The cool thing is that there are several places worth checking out on your trip.

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I thought I'd break the road trip down in a fun way. We'll start in the Tri-Cities, then head to Prosser, Sunnyside, and Ellensburg.

We'll hit I-90 from Ellensburg and continue on our trip and eventually end up in Seattle

Here are 10 must-try places to eat on your trip and the good news is that our top 10 work in reverse as well.

10 Yummy Must-Try Food Stops From Tri-Cities to Seattle Washington

Follow the road to great food places, from start to finish and back again!

I'm sure there are hundreds more great places to eat on a road trip from the Tri-Cities to Seattle but I've listed a few of my favorite places to check out.

Feel free to add to the comments below some of your places to hit up between Tri-Cities and Seattle.

Bon Appetit.

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