Here Are 10 Roadside Attractions You'll See From Tri-Cities To Portland

My wife and I recently attended Fan Expo in Portland and along the way from Tri-Cities Washington, we stopped at a few roadside attractions that you might want to check out on your next road trip.

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The neat thing about traveling the Columbia River Gorge is that you can take the Washington or Oregon side of the highway.

I will attest that I think traveling Interstate 84 on the Oregon side is a bit faster but if you take the Washington side of things, you'll see some amazing attractions as well.

Both Washington and Oregon have great viewpoints along the way for great photos and if you are looking for trails and waterfalls, you'll find plenty on your trip.

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The Columbia River Gorge has a lot of roadside attractions to stop for and if you and the family are road-tripping, here are 10 roadside attractions that you'll want to check out :

10 Roadside Attractions You’ll Love From Tri-Cities to Portland

If you are traveling from Tri-Cities to Portland, here are 10 roadside attractions you should check out on your trip!


That's my list of 10 roadside attractions that you should check out on your next road trip from the Tri-Cities to Portland - Did I leave something off the list? Let me know in the comments below.

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