As a true Washingtonian, there a few things that'll make us go nuts and prepare for war!

If you've lived in Tri-Cities for any period of time, you'll know that everyone has an opinion. It can be friendly banter or a serious rivalry. It can come down to your favorite sports team or who's got the best burger in town.

What's Better? Badger Mountain or Candy Mountain?

It doesn't matter, because either way, you've got an opinion about it!

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I thought it would be fun if we took 10 things that Tri-Citians really have an opinion on and take them head to head. Don't worry, no politics is allowed in this article. I'm sure we already know that being red or blue will spin someone's head around in the Tri-Cities.

What's Better? Dutch Bros or Roasters Coffee?

We are doing the fun topics but trust me, there will be plenty of things to argue about.

Here are the 10 items people in the Tri-Cities will fight anyone about...believe it or not!

10 Things People in the Tri-Cities Will Fight Anyone About

Here are 10 things that'll always spark an opinion in Tri-Cities!

That's our list! I'm sure you've seen lots of Washingtonians argue about those 10 things. It's almost like who's better Pepsi or Coke?

You can see that there are plenty of things we like to disagree about or it's all good fun. I'd like to think this list is exactly that, all in good fun.

If you'd like to add to our list, feel free to app chat and let us know what we left off that Washingtonians love to argue about.

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