You or your child is now a couple weeks into college and if it's freshman year, you may be experiencing shock! Don't worry, take a deep breath, and follow this advice to succeed:

  • Make friends with someone in each of your classes. It will help to study with a buddy and be able to share notes if one of you miss a day.
  • Learn to cook. Eating out is unhealthy and expensive.
  • Try not to buy your books at the bookstore. You'll often find them for cheaper online.
  • DO NOT CHEAT ON SLEEP! You cannot succeed in college on little sleep. This is more important than food. Stop playing video games and surfing Reddit.
  • Buy a small trash can just for throwing up. Even if you don't drink, you're gonna get the flu eventually and the communal bathrooms will not be your friend in the middle of the night.
  • Have you heard all these people who went to college and can't find a job? It's because they didn't do INTERNSHIPS! Ever met someone who did internships and can't find a job? Didn't think so.
  • Get to know your professors as well as they'll let you. Unconsciously they'll give you a better grade and you may need them after graduation for a recommendation or professional networking.
  • Go to class.
  • Do the reading (preferably earlier than the morning of class)
  • Start the paper NOW! Don't procrastinate the papers!
  • If you really do end up one of those kids eating a lot of Ramen (that's mostly a myth) remember to add an egg and some frozen veggies to it. It only costs an extra buck but you'll be SO MUCH HEALTHIER!
  • If one of your professors, or someone else in your department is looking for volunteers or helpers, SIGN UP! The recommendations, references and networking you'll gain are worth solid cash after graduation!
  • Don't forget to make friends. Later in life all you'll have is high school buddies and co-workers. You'll wish you made friends in college.
  • Not everyone drinks or does weed. If you don't do it going into college, don't start. Find other kids who know how to have fun without drugs.
  • Try not to go home before Thanksgiving. Jump into campus life, overcome homesickness, make friends, go to events, go to football games, etc.
  • Just assume you're going to have to work harder than you ever had before. The people who waste their tuition and have a bad time are those who think they can treat college like high school.
  • If you're struggling with a class, find out if your campus has free tutoring. IT PROBABLY DOES! Don't be prideful and do poorly. That's STUPID!
  • Try EVERY toilet on campus to find your favorites. Believe me, college is more comfortable if you don't fear taking a dump.

[SOURCE: Reddit]

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