A recent survey revealed the top dozen bits of advice the average adult wishes they understood in high school.

Arguing with teachers -- for any reason
If you really have a serious question ask it after class. Kids who argue in front of the class are really just trying to get attention and or show off.

Caring what other people think of you
Unless, of course, you should care because you smell bad, are rude or make people feel uncomfortable. Barring the big stuff, don't care what people think of you.

Going for the easy classes instead of the AP classes

If you don't plan to attend college EVER, then never mind. But otherwise, put your big boy/girl pants on and take the hard classes. You think you're busy now? What about when you have rent to pay and not sure where your next meal is coming from.

Thinking you're clever for doing as little work possible for highest grade possible
Go ask the hundreds of people at community colleges right now who did that how it's working out for them. Having to retake English, Math and Science before they can even start their "real" college classes. An associates degree isn't supposed to take four years. Nobody cares how "smart" you are, they want to see what you've accomplished and that takes work.

Not joining anything
Sports. Theater. Business club. Future Farmers of America. French club. You have so many options doing nothing but homework and hanging out is such a mistake. I can't emphasize enough what a mistake that is. Join stuff for crying out loud!

Starting to smoke
We get it. You want to be a rebel and a badass. Do you know what people are called who start something that 100% of people who started regret? They're called idiots, not badasses.

Slacking off because you've got Senioritis
What are you so excited for? Paying your own bills? Working 40 hours a week for minimum wage? Not having your mom around to give you smart advice? Wasting countless hours with people you won't care about in 10 years watching/doing stuff you won't remember in 5? Treasure every minute of senior year and work your butt off accomplishing stuff.

Thinking it's funny to do dangerous things in your car
My friends almost got their exchange student brother sent home. I almost rolled a van at 70 mph killing my 5 best friends. Being stupid in a car isn't funny, it's something you'll cringe over for decades to come -- and that's if nobody gets hurt.

Thinking foreign language class is stupid
Guess what? Half of all majors require you to pass two years of hellahard foreign language classes in college. Get a leg up now.

Being scared to ask a boy/girl out
If they say no -- or worse, are mean -- the sting will go away quickly and you'll always be proud you had courage. If they say yes, you're on your way to learning a truth many, many adults know: going on dates with hot girls/boys is as easy as asking enough of them (and not being a creeper).

Being mean to someone
You'll never forget and will regret it the rest of your life. Even if you have the chance to later apologize (unlikely) it won't help.

Diving in too deep with any fad
EMO, bumpits, blondes, skater, punk, cowboy -- you'll look like an idiot in your photos forever and ever. Imagine your great grandkids seeing those photos.

Taking high school too seriously
Everything above is true!!! But also remember to have fun. High school is supposed to be fun. If all you care about is grades, football or earning money, you'll regret that too. If this one is a struggle for you, I'd shoot for 3 hours a week. Everyone (any age) should be having fun at least 3 hours a week.

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