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The Rocky Mart in Yakima is holding some delicious secrets inside

Coming from someone who loves food I figured a gentle reminder that there is more to life than eating is needed. Recently I've noticed my thoughts are turning to food a lot more. Food is used to fuel us and I am over here hoovering it into my mouth like it's my job.

In a bad mood, bake some cookies and then proceed to eat most of them. I love supporting local restaurants but the occasional treat of ordering eggs benedicts with stuffed hashbrowns has me making excuses for not choosing healthier options. Fried foods and pizza are great but if you're overeating any of it, none of it is good. The icing on the cake for me has been the daily seven and seven or more that I have enjoyed since the pandemic started. We celebrated my birthday with a drink and it never stopped.

A soda a day isn't good for anyone but when you have that buzz going and then you want to munch on snacks that's when things start going sideways. My body loves all the carbs and sugars so much it seems to store said goodies and now my clothes are starting to feel snug or worse, they don't fit at all.

It's our life and we choose our path, I know consuming too many calories in a day doesn't work so I figured instead of ragging on myself about my decisions I would share that you are not alone, there are tons of options out there besides eating and I would love to hear what you turn to when the cravings hit

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    Take a drive

    A quick drive through your favorite neighborhood or a longer adventure can take your mind off munching

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    Go for a walk

    It could be a quick trip around the block or heading over to the local park. Grab a friend and enjoy some fresh air

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    Read a book

    If you don't have any books around you could always contact the local library or download an audio book, they have free options

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    Write someone a letter

    You would love to receive a handwritten letter from someone, who deserves a surprise note from you?

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    Getty Images/iStockphoto


    This is a perfect switch when dealing with the munchies. A daily moment of reflection, breathing and mindfulness can keep you full in other way. A great habit to form

  • Reesha Cosby
    Reesha Cosby

    Clean out the refrigerator

    Nothing helps kill your cravings better than finding some weird moldy item long forgotten in the fridge!

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    Start journaling

    A great habit to pick-up is taking a moment when a craving hits to grab your a notebook, set a timer and write, just unload everything that's in your head and perhaps it will inspire a new task that has nothing to do with food

  • Steve Mason
    Steve Mason

    Shovel snow

    This might not work all year round so depending on the season you could switch it up to raking leaves

  • The line-up
    The line-up

    Learn a craft

    Save the next paper towel roll, grab some yarn and a pair of scissors and you've got yourself a craft

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    Gabby Jones / Bloomberg, Getty Images

    Join TikTok

    It's shockingly addictive but there are so many different ways to use the app whatever you're interested in there's a video about it

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    Getty Images

    Sing with Smule

    Singing is a great release of energy and the app Smule has so many free options

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    NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

    Try-out for The Voice

    The virtual auditions are right around the corner and if you've ever dreamed of competing, shoot your shot!

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    After you've cleaned out the fridge why don't you clean out the pantry as well

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