It can have a ripple effect, even after issue is fixed, the aftermath is still felt.

Due to an October 2018 rupture in a British Columbia pipeline and some colder temperatures in some NW areas, natural gas consumers are expected to see rate hikes this winter.  According to the Washington Utilities and Transportation Commission:

"The Washington Utilities and Transportation Commission today approved rate adjustments ranging from 4-15% for Avista, Cascade Natural Gas, NW Natural, and Puget Sound Energy natural gas customers.

Higher customer costs for 2019 reflect wholesale natural gas price increases caused in part by the October 2018 Enbridge Pipeline rupture, which disrupted natural gas markets throughout the Pacific Northwest.

On Oct. 9, 2018, a 36-inch diameter natural gas mainline ruptured near Prince George, British Columbia. The Enbridge pipeline serves markets in Canada, Washington, Oregon, and Idaho with natural gas production from northeastern British Columbia through the Sumas hub, located on the border between Canada and Washington state. Imports of natural gas at the Sumas hub, which averaged 1.1 billion cubic feet per day in the first half of 2018, fell to zero for a day after the rupture. About half of Washington’s natural gas supplies come from the Canadian provinces of British Columbia and Alberta. 

On Oct. 31, 2018, Enbridge announced that it had successfully completed repairs on the ruptured section of the pipeline, but capacity delays continued through the winter of 2019."

Consumers are urged if they have questions to contact their local natural gas supplier.

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